Jan 23, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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FlashlightbyrikThe iPhone can be used for many more things than just making calls. There are the other obvious uses like email, music and web browsing. The iPhone 4S and 5 also have a really great camera built-in for taking pictures, but the camera also comes with a flash for pictures in low light. This flash certainly has more uses than just night photos.

The iPhone flash can also be used as a flashlight. While the main display can be used to see in the dark, the camera flash is much brighter. It may not be as bright as many flashlights, but it is built into the iPhone which is something that people always carry around with them. To use the camera’s flash, an app must be downloaded from the App Store. There are many free flashlight apps and some apps that cost a few dollars. After testing many options, one came out a clear winner.

Flashlight by Rik app turns the flash into a flashlight faster than any other app tested. It remembers the last used state so users can have the flashlight turn on automatically speeding the process. The only features are to turn the flashlight on or off and a strobe option. A flashlight app really does not need any other features than these, but it does need to be fast. Most of the time, when the flashlight is needed, it is needed quickly and that is the best feature for this app. Best of all, it is free.

Flashlight by Rik one of the best flashlight apps in the App Store. I use this app almost every night and it has been on my home screen for over two years. If you are looking for the greatest fast flashlight app with a simple interface, look no further than Flashlight by Rik.

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