Jan 3, 2013 — by: Mark Reschke


To read Ashraf Eassa's latest article "Apple: Great Artists Steal" at Seeking Alpha, and read his implication that Apple jumped down into the sub-10" tablet category, effectively stealing that idea from the current also ran products like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire is absurd.

Eassa completely ignores, or conveniently forgets, it was Apple who created the entirely successful modern age tablet market with iPad. It was namely Samsung and Motorola who raced to copy Apple, only to find out they could not compete with products like the 10.1" Xoom and Galaxy offerings. Thus, the entire pack quickly raced to price points and screen sizes they could, at best, sell in volume during the Holiday quarter. 

Did Apple scramble to get to an 8" tablet size? If Apple is stealing from anyone, they are stealing from their own business model. Apple started with a fully featured iPod and over the years scaled down to the minimalist  iPod shuffle. MacBook Pro, then MacBook Air. Mac Pro, iMacs, and Mac mini. 

The iPad mini is nothing more than a natural progression from Apple. Over the last decade, Apple has repeatedly shown their approach to start at the top of a market, set the bar, and work their way down to lower priced product segments. Evidently, Eassa completely misses this point.

The technical merits of these smaller than 10" tablets are another factor which Eassa completely glosses over. Google won't divulge how many native 7" tablet apps are available, but it's not believed to be more than 5,000. Users of Android tablets are running many sub-par scaled phone apps to get the job done, and at that point it really doesn't matter what size of tablet screen the user has. Contrast this with the iPad, which has over 275,000 natively written apps, maximizing the full tablet space. Real-life battery ability on an iPad or iPad mini dwarf that of competing Android tablets, and Surface also has a long ways to go in that category (I know, what a shock).

Coming soon will be another "something big" offering from Apple. If it's a new way to do television, I should suspect Eassa will come at us with the concept that Apple stole the TV idea from RCA. And if Apple launches an iWatch, this will of course be Apple stealing from Seiko's quartz idea.

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  1. Viswakarma ~ Jan. 9, 2013 @ 10:57 am

    Quartz Watch technology was first developed in Switzerland, but the Swiss Watchmakers ignored the technology and let the Japanese Watchmakers get ahead!!! #

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