Jan 31, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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The Auto Show came to Portland last weekend January 24-27, 2013, which showcased the latest cars and trucks by most of the auto industry. They also had specialty areas for green, exotic, luxury, and tricked out autos.

This year, the guys of T-GAAP went to the show to check out to latest cars and trucks, but we also wanted to see if Apple had any presence at the show. What we found was indeed interesting.

The marketing departments at auto manufacturers have traded in their clip boards and paper, to using iPads for pretty much everything. iPads are used for surveys and sweepstakes, to multimedia informal kiosks. Some examples include:



iMacs were also in the mix for larger kiosks with Apple keyboards and trackpads secured to the table. 




Even Apple cinema displays were used.


MacBooks were seen throughout the show to playing music and used by those covering the show.



This is a big show, so one would think someone would be using something other than an Apple product, right? Maybe Korean automaker Hyundai or Kai would be using Samsung products?...



Nope. We didn’t find a single non-Apple product that was in use at the show. Apparently, when marketers care about the presentation of their products, they use Apple products (in other words, they get it). These presentations are easy to create in the iOS Development world, and look good in a display and all functioned very well. Macs, and more predominantly iPads, are popping up everywhere in business and the touring Auto Show is just another example.

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