Oct 10, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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MacbookproThe first MacBook Pro with Retina Display debuted in June of 2012. Apple updated their flagship laptop two times in less than 9 months after that. The first time was in October 2012, and the second was in February 2013. Since then, Apple has not updated this laptop, which was 8 months ago.

The MacBook Pros are past due when it comes to updates. Intel came out with new Haswell laptop chips back in the spring. Apple updated the MacBook Air shortly after the Haswell release, and the iMac line was also recently updated. That only leaves the MacBook Pros and Mac Mini without Haswell updates.

Mac OS 10.9 should be released sometime this fall. Apple recently sent out a Gold Master to developers. If developers don’t find any major bugs in this Gold Master, 10.9 will be ready to ship, which could be as soon as the end of October. Apple usually releases hardware at the same time as they release an operating system update. They do this to demonstrate the advantages of the new OS. iOS 7 and iPhone 5s are the latest example of this. An upgraded MacBook Pro with Retina will take advantage of OS 10.9 power saving features in both the new OS 10.9 and Haswell processors. It seems like a great fit for a keynote.

The rumors are out that Apple will have a keynote on October 22. This keynote is supposed to be about the iPad and the iPad mini. Apple usually does not have keynotes too close together. It is unlikely that Apple will have a keynote with both iPads and MacBook Pros since they have different audiences. Yet, OS 10.9 should be ready to ship by then. If Apple does not release 10.9 during the October 22 keynote, they will probably wait until mid November to have another keynote.

Apple looks to be updating the Mac family soon with a MacBook Pro Retina update past due and a new Mac OS update almost ready to be shipped. Both new Mac Pros and Mac Mini could also be ready to be released soon. If Apple does not release OS 10.9 Mavericks at the October 22 keynote, look for a big Mac Keynote in November with multiple hardware updates including the Mac Book Pro Retina.

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  1. 11thIndian ~ Oct. 14, 2013 @ 5:23 pm

    "It is unlikely that Apple will have a keynote with both iPads and MacBook Pros since they have different audiences." You mean like LAST October's event when Apple introduced 2 iPads and a host of Mac updates including the 13"MacBookPro, the MacMini, and the all new iMac. #

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