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December 18, 2013 at 8:32am Pacific Time
by: Karl Johnson

XcodeApple continues to change the game for Mac and iOS developers. First, it was the move to PowerPC. Next, came the move to OS X. Soon after OS X, Apple moved to Intel for their processors. Each one of their changes force developers to either update their product or watch it disappear. The next change is not as drastic, but is just as important.

Developers are facing a new change that will leave old applications in the dust and will result in some developers rising to the front. This new change is universal for all applications. Developers will need to build and release applications on all three main Apple platforms, Mac, iPad, and iPhone (includes iPod Touch). If they don’t, they open the door for other developers to replace them. Universal Applications will be a big enough feature to cause users to upgrade and switch applications.

Many of the game changers Apple has created have caused developers a lot of work to update their products. This change also helps developers make money, since it forces users to update their applications. These changes are good, since it weeds out the old software that is not updated. It keeps the door open for new developers looking for a place to develop new applications.

Most software developers need to start building applications for all of Apple’s products if they want to stay alive. Except for a few applications, users will want to have access to their files and applications no matter what device they are on. This is the new killer feature of the developers of Apple software.

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