Feb 12, 2013 — by: Mark Reschke
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Another Blockbuster Video retail location closes. Dish Network is quick to point out that it is "This Location Only" but there is little doubt there are dozens more across the country closing their doors -- permanently.

Dish Network's idea to buy Blockbuster and use it to promote satellite offerings has been a colossal mess. It might have worked but Dish missed one major point to advertising: There actually needs to be people in the stores to advertise to!

Only a sparse few who couldn't find their $1.19 rental around the corner via the two Red Box systems wander into Blockbuster. The demographics of Blockbuster is a huge mystery. How many of those renting videos at Blockbuster are really in the market to buy a Dish satellite package? My guess is the figure's something close to zero.

Meanwhile, AppleTV, iTunes and iOS devices with Airplay continue to dominate the online rental game, and Tim Cook no longer calls Apple TV a hobby...

I recall renting a movie at this Blockbuster about seven years ago telling the clerk, "You know, in just a few short years all these stores will be closed down, because everyone will simply be streaming their movies online." The gal looked at me like I was just released from the loony bin. Unfortunately for Dish Network, it appears their management is just as clueless today.

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