Feb 18, 2013 — by: E. Werner Reschke

It seems the next generation of programmers are starting to wake up. Instead of providing us apps that do the same things only a little better, we're starting to see apps that take a dare and do things differently — and sometimes better.

Welcome Mailbox.app. Mailbox.app takes the idea when we read our email we would all like to get to "nirvana" (an empty mail box). But with today's email clients it is difficult to get there because it takes too much work and it takes too long. Moreover, the tools are the same tools we saw when email first hit the popular culture around the mid-90s.

Mailbox.app takes the approach that your choices will be limited so it makes it easier to sort through the noise and get to mailbox nirvana. It then combines this idea with gestures to make those choices even easier to execute. The video above shows someone with about 25 messages on their iPhone inbox. And within minutes they've either deferred (snoozed), deleted, added to the mail to a list for later reading or read the message and responded. Very clever.

While Mailbox.app only works with GMail, we may see that Apple take a keen interest in it for making its Mail.app program behave better for the 21st century emailer. Whether you decide to make the switch or not, it's nice to know that there are people still daring to do things differently, and while sometimes they fail, the one that get's it right can change the industry.

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  1. Billy Marty ~ Feb. 18, 2013 @ 8:47 am

    Wow. That is really cool. Come on Apple, get with it we need a leap in technology for handling our email and this does the trick (or is a major step in the right direction). #

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