Mar 14, 2013 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Apple vs SamsungToday, March 14, 2013, in New York City Samsung officially will announce their latest smart phone the Galaxy S4. This is a big deal in the tech world and Samsung has done a decent job building a lot of hype surrounding this new smart phone release.

According to a Bloomberg interview with Piper and Jaffray's Gene Munster, there are a couple of interesting developments in the Apple vs. Samsung smart phone war.

First, Samsung has been able to overcome their loss to Apple in the patent infringement lawsuit. While this lawsuit was a triumph for Apple, it only seemed to sting Samsung for a week or so. Then it was as if the lawsuit never took place. In other words, the penalty for patent infringement wasn't a big enough of a penalty for Samsung to make them rethink their business practices one bit.

Second, Samsung continues to churn out new phones every couple of months, where Apple only seems to update its flagship iPhone once a year. This is somewhat of an advantage for Samsung as they can grab media headlines more frequently. Moreover, Samsung gives shows like something new and shiny to talk about. The tech media don't have to think much as to whether the new shiny object is good, bad or whether it is worth spending any time on, they simply have something new and shiny to talk about. Even though Apple's announcements are typically far more significant in grabbing media attention, they are also far more rare.

Finally, Samsung has made this a battle between itself and Apple. It isn't Google vs. Apple anymore, it is Samsung vs. Apple. The launch today will be all about the next generation Samsung Galaxy phone. Samsung will rarely mention the words "Android" or "Google", and when they do it'll serve only as a side note. Google should be worried about Samsung's dominate rise, as their other Android partners continue to fall behind. It could lead to other hardware partners (HTC, LG, Sony, etc.) looking elsewhere to find a strategy that brings success — because Google's Android is now dominated by Samsung.

Samsung is flooding the market with new phones every few months, but does this translate into producing a better products? Does it mean a better user-experience? GM had six divisions and produced more cars than anyone for decades, but that never made GM a great car company — just one that could produce a lot of cars, not the builder of the best cars.

Apple is all about being the best. They don't have to be #1 in a market to succeed. Look at the desktop to see that is true. HP, Dell, Gateway (where did they go) to just name a few hardware manufactures that are a mere shadow of what they were 10-15 years ago. At the same time, Apple continues to build desktops and laptops with a meager single digit share, and yet is able to amass cash that would make Warren Buffett blush.

Creating more products more often than your competition doesn't necessarily mean better products. In the end, after the hype of today is gone and the smart phone market continues to mature, we shall see that the iPhone is the shiniest apple of them all!

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