Mar 26, 2013 — by: Mark Reschke
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SteveballmerMicrosoft has been absent from the tech radar for some time, and it is for good reason. Steve Ballmer has systematically run Microsoft into the ground since he took over the tech giant for long-time friend Bill Gates. Windows Vista was two-years late, and a complete disaster. Tens of millions of customers clinged to their guns and Windows XP longer than could be imagined. Windows 7 was a pay to play bug fix for Vista.

After years of watching Apple and Google steamroll their way across uncharted territory, Ballmer has put on the full court press with the debacle that is known to us as Windows Surface and Windows 8. Despite all the backing by Gates, Ballmer's demise is nearly all but certain.

The terror that reigns behind the bald wonder is none other than Microsoft's team Windows. The stranglehold which Windows management has wielded over the company can only be described as a legendary nightmare. Anything and everything that could have posed a threat to Windows domination inside the halls of Redmond has been squashed. New markets that could have utilized new technologies, or creativity that existed outside the realm of Windows development has either been co-opted by the Windows crew, or taken to the wood shed. 

The latest seal of approval from the Windows' overlords came to market in the form of Surface. Surface RT, runs an entirely new mobile OS on non-Intel hardware called Windows RT. The OS has been described as "...a version of Windows that runs on ARM processors", which is akin to calling cream cheese tile calking because they are both white in appearance. There is not a single stitch of Windows 7 or Windows 8 software that can run on a Surface RT tablet. None.

Surface Pro is an entirely different creature which actually runs the latest version of Windows (the Windows you know, but don't love), called Windows 8. Surface Pro runs on Intel hardware, containing mostly Windows 7 code with a top-level tile and touch interface. Ballmer launched both products with great fanfare declaring Surface is both a tablet and a PC. In all honesty, Surface would best be described as an RT product designed to fail so Surface Pro can aid in keeping traditional Windows on life support for as long as possible.

Ballmer isn't a visionary, and won't take the necessary steps to break the company apart, allowing the individual pieces thrive.

Time, and not much of it

A short amount of time is all it will take for Steve Ballmer to be removed as Microsoft's CEO. The replacing of Ballmer will be a sad day for many of us long-time Apple fans, because when you look at his body of work, Steve Ballmer might have been Apple's most valuable non-employee. And for that, may Steve Ballmer live long and "prosper" as Microsoft's CEO.

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  1. labru ~ Mar. 26, 2013 @ 2:51 am

    Could/should be true. But who'll replace him? Beg Sinofski to come back? Try to land Scott Forstall? IMO they have to recruit the right person right away. Ballmer has proven he's a 'bozo'. But MS doesn't have the time for someone else to prove he/she is a 'bozo' in the next few years. Do you guys have any suggestions who would be a good fit as Microsoft's next CEO? #
  2. Joel ~ Mar. 26, 2013 @ 2:33 pm

    Maybe Steve Jobs will come back and run MS! This is about as likely as Elvis making a comeback. #
  3. Ken ~ Mar. 28, 2013 @ 6:55 am

    Ballmer can't be fired. He owns a controlling interest in Microsoft. Microsoft will go down like the Hindenburg with Ballmer at the wheel to the very last. #

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