May 17, 2013 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Game_centerWhat the next version of AppleTV will look like or whether it will even be called AppleTV (some rumors think it will be called iTV) is anyone's guess. Mark Reschke has postulated that the next AppleTV will include a 60" screen and be 4K. It is not a far fetched idea, if Apple can keep the price down so mere mortals can afford one. Apple surprised everyone with the incredibly low introductory price with the original iPad. They certainly could do this for a 4K HDTV too.

Yet another feature rumored to be on the horizon for the next generation AppleTV is Siri. Siri would change the way people interact with their TVs. Instead of looking for that silly remote that likes to hide between couch cushions and run away to rooms far, far away, you could just use your voice to control what show or movie plays on your TV. However, a big feature no one seems to be talking about, that would be huge, is Game Center for AppleTV.

Apple sold 2 million AppleTVs in the first quarter of 2013 — a 60% year-over-year increase from Q1 in 2012. There is demand for this little black box. Now let's add Game Center to it. Game Center would need to be more than just a way to connect with friends online, but also have the ability to do split screen with someone else in the same room with you. Apple would make it so iOS devices could act as controllers. Moreover, Apple would need to make its own wireless game controller. Note: if anyone can make a superior game controller, it is Apple.

Just think, you're playing RC Plane 2 on your iPhone and in walks a friend. You both decide to play together but on the big screen, using AppleTV. Now other friends show up and everyone is watching instead of just two dudes with zombie like eyes glued to their iPhones. It's now a party — with people laughing, cheering and wanting to be next. If Apple has its eyes on dominating the living room, adding an improved Game Center to Apple TV would prove a popular move, while leaving the competition scrambling.

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