Jun 10, 2013 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Roz-hoWisdom says that you can learn more about a person by watching what they do rather than listening to what they say. You can also learn a lot about what someone chooses not to say, or avoids saying.

We don't have to go back too many WWDC’s ago when Apple shared its stage with companies such as Microsoft, Intel or Adobe. But if you watched today's keynote, you'll notice none of these tech giants were seen on stage let alone mentioned (except for Intel’s new Haswell processors).

This absence of other tech giants on stage shows how much Apple has grown as a company. Apple’s dependency on others to make its platforms legitimate is no longer necessary, but it was just five years ago. The iOS boom, coupled with the reassurance in the Mac platform has made Apple a company that can easily fill a two hour keynote presentation without having to share the stage with anyone — well, expect for the kids at Anki Robotics and their race cars, simply for the fun of it all.

What you didn't see this year was:

  • Someone like Roz Ho of Microsoft talking about how the next Mac version of Microsoft Office was going to incorporate all the features of the Windows version — which was released two years ago.
  • A face-off using a Mac Pro and a Dell rending a super large image in Adobe Photoshop.
  • An Intel spokesman talking about their great partnership with Apple. 

The Mac Pro touches the creative processionals, while iWork on iCloud gives the K-12 education market new tools to battle Google Docs, and the consumer's gift is iRadio. Apple has something for every major market it is interested in. iOS and OS X are just the icing on this year's WWDC cake. Apple just demonstrated how truly massive an influence and force they have become. What we didn't see just might have been bigger than what we did.

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