Jun 13, 2013 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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EmailAfter watching the Keynote presentation live via AppleTV and then re-watching it again later that day, one application Apple did not feature was Mail. While Craig Federighi showed forthcoming versions of an updated Safari, a modern Finder, a much improved multiple display management system and an enhanced Notification Center, what was lacking was any mention of Mail.

Mail along with Safari and the Finder are arguably the three most used apps on any Mac. Not bringing any improvements to Mail tell us that Apple either thinks Mail is fine the way it is in Mountain Lion or the updates were not ready for the demo. 

If you think Mail is perfect as is, then read my previous article on the five improvements Apple could embrace to make Mail a much better app. Also missing was any mention of Mail during the iOS 7 demo. Then looking at Apple's website there is not any mention of Mail improvements in OS X Mavericks.

While Email may not be as sexy as Maps or a FInder with tabs, we wish Apple would have spent some time making some improvements to Mail in OS X Mavericks. It is not that Mail does not work or is hard to use, rather Mail could just be much better and another real differentiator in making the OS X the best desktop platform period.

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  1. Loni ~ Jun. 13, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

    I agree mail is used so often it should be improved I think they improved it a little on iOS 7 http://www.todaysiphone.com/2013/06/ios-7-preview-mail-vid/ #
  2. marty ~ Jun. 23, 2013 @ 12:55 am

    I read previous article about Mail improvements but I am still convinced that it is quiet fine. I use that a lot and daily and dont see much space for improvements. Its about priorities and i also see finder as priority compare to Mail. What I miss a lot , is RSS reader in safari. Iam also looking forward to new SMB2 protocol because having problem with reconnecting servers (shared folders) after wake up my laptop. This should realy improve in 10.9 Regarding searching capabilities of Mail: i use web application, Thunderbird and Mail for the same account (on different computers and places) and only Mail can search and find what I look for Maps in my country is a mess, cannot be used, its also priority for me #

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