Jun 19, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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Multiple_displaysThe AppleTV is a nice device for the living room. Right now, it can play music and movies from a number of sources like iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, or an iOS device through Airplay. Through Airplay, the AppleTV can also mirror the display of an iOS device and a Mac Computer.

Mirroring a Mac display on the AppleTV is nice, but it is limiting. Users can’t watch an Internet movie on the AppleTV and still use their Mac at the same time. This limits the usefulness of not only the AppleTV , but also the Mac. This is all going to change this Fall.

Apple will greatly enhance multiple monitor setups under OS X 10.9. These changes also effect the AppleTV. Apple will basically turn the AppleTV into a wireless second monitor. With OS X 10.9 (also called Mavericks) users will be able to move windows to the AppleTV, while leaving the current monitor left for other things. Windows can also go full screen on the AppleTV without effecting both monitors like it currently does in OS X 10.8.

With OS 10.9, Apple turned the AppleTV into a second monitor that can operate independently from the current display. This greatly enhances the functionality and usefulness of the AppleTV. Instead of just an entertainment device, the AppleTV is now a powerful wireless presentation solution. Look for the AppleTV to become more popular this Fall in the business world when OS X 10.9 is released.

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  1. gavin ~ Jun. 19, 2013 @ 11:55 am

    Fantastic I am looking forward to this 100% #

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