Jun 6, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson

SculptrisZBrush by Pixologic is one of the best 3D sculpting applications. It is a professional application that costs $600. Many of the 3D characters seen in today’s movies and TV shows are made with ZBrush. ZBrush allows users to sculpt in a 3D space by pushing in or pulling out on an object with brushes starting from a sphere or plane.

For the non-professional, $600 is too much to pay for this kind of software, especially if they don’t know how to use it. Pixologic came up with a great solution to introduce people to 3D sculpting, so new users can learn how to sculpt without having to pay $600 or pirate it.

Sculptris2Sculptris is Pixologic’s free version of ZBrush. Many of the ZBrush’s features are not included in Sculptris. It is a full working piece of software that allows new users and hobbyists to play around and learn the 3D sculpting environment. With Sculptris, users can sculpt, paint and export objects in OBJ format. For those looking at getting into 3D sculpting, Sculptris is one of the best options available, and it is free. Check it out.

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