Jul 12, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson

MacbookproIn June at the WWDC, Apple released the new MacBook Air laptops with Intel’s latest Haswell processors. For the MacBook Air 11-inch, these new processors greatly improved battery life from five to nine hours. Yet, the MacBook Air is the only Mac that has been fitted with the new Haswell processors.

What is the next Mac to be updated with the Haswell processor? While the iMac and Mac Mini could use the extra processing power and faster graphics chip, they do not require the extra battery life that comes from the Haswell processor. Low power consumption is the Haswell processor’s main selling point. On the other hand since the MacBook Pro would greatly benefit from the Haswell processor’s extended battery life, the MacBook Pro line will be the next to receive the new Intel chip set. The question is, when will Apple updated it?

A MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop with a Haswell processor appeared on Geekbench’s benchmark list this week. Geekbench is a tool that compares performance on multiple processors and multiple systems. This new MacBook Pro has modest gains in performance but should have greatly improved battery life. Last month, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Haswell processor also appeared on the Geekbench benchmark list.

The benchmark testing results show that Apple is, at the very least, in the testing phase. These tests are more marketing tools than real pre-production testing since they are letting these resulted be posted publicly. These type of tests are often released to the public build hype around the new updates. However, they also stop users from buying current models as people think the new model will be released any day. Therefore, Apple will need to released these updates soon or risk a reduction in MacBook Pro sales. It is highly likely that Apple is in production of the Haswell-based MacBook Pros and they will be ready to be ship soon. A good released date would be mid summer.

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