Aug 14, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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The rumors are out that the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are coming out on September 10. Most information is only mentioning iPhones, but there is likely to be more hardware than just iPhones being released.

So far, all six generations of the iPod Touch have been released in the beginning of September. There are no indications that Apple will change this release cycle this year. The rumors may only include the iPhone because it is the most popular product to write about. Though the iPod Touch is not Apple’s most popular product, it is still a key product in Apple’s lineup. Apple still needs to update this product annually like they do with their iPhones.

The rumors of new iPhones being released on September 10 are coming from multiple sources, which indicates it is likely to be true. These rumors don’t include the iPod Touch, but Apple thrives on scale and common component us, which both the iPod Touch and iPhone have in spades. Look for Apple to update its small iOS lineup in September.

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  1. ViewRoyal ~ Aug. 14, 2013 @ 10:56 am

    If Apple introduces a low-priced iPhone (estimated to be in the $299 to $399 price range) is it necessary to continue making and selling the iPod Touch? Many people would see it as a wise move by Apple to discontinue the iPod Touch altogether. The iPod Touch is an iPhone that is missing 4g and GPS. These things are now included in a single IC that handles all wireless modes, and it would be very inexpensive to add this to the iPod Touch... which is what Apple has done with the iPhone 5C. You will be able to buy an iPhone 5C probably for not much more (or maybe the same price if Apple gets costs down a bit) than the iPod Touch. If someone just wants an iPod Touch, they can buy an iPhone 5C for about the same price, and not use it as a phone (or pay for service fees). It would make little sense for Apple to continue producing the iPod Touch while selling the iPhone 5C. #
  2. mhikl ~ Aug. 15, 2013 @ 7:45 am

    Seems logical, ViewRoyal. However, the iPod touch is the top model in the iPod family and there should be a top model. I should like to see Apple come out with a five inch iPt (and similar to the iPads, that would be closer to six inches). Keeping this "pad" in the pod family would differentiate it from the iPad family in name only. What a great reader it would make! And it would be better as a small Internet Safari tool, games machine etc. to the present iPt. The price could be set at whatever the cheaper iPhone would be, and Tim's your uncle, a little innovation from Tim would be seen by the open minded. A twist on this would be to do this in steps, possibly a larger iPt similar in size to the 5 inch phones already out by Android companies. This would be a good step towards a larger iPhone in the next year or two. Then the next iPt could jump in size as I first suggested along with the new five inch iPhone. Apple would be covering all needs at pretty good price and function structures. Thems my Apples.. #

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