Aug 15, 2013 — by: Karl Johnson
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MediaconverterFor users who take digital video, converting those video files into another format is a part of life. Video converters change the type of algorithm used to compress the video. These video files either need to be compressed to save space or to change the format so the video editing software can read it.

There are plenty of video converting software choices available today, but the list of good products is slim, as most of them are either expensive or poorly made. Apple has a great solution with Compressor, but it is expensive. or bundled with pro applications. What is the best solution for users who don’t need Apple’s high end solution?

FFmpeg is a great open source video converter project. The problem with FFmpeg is that it does not have a GUI (graphical user interface). Other companies have created GUIs for FFmpeg, but they cost money and have poor interfaces. Users don’t have to pay for a GUI though with Media Converter.

Media Converter is an open source GUI interface for the FFmpeg video converter. FFmpeg and Media Converter can read almost any video file and convert to most of the popular ones. If one is looking for a good video converting solution and does not want to pay a lot of money, give Media Converter a try. The best part of Media Converter is that it is completely free.

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