Sep 17, 2013 — by: Mark Reschke
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A recent discussion unfolded amongst some of the T-GAAP crew, and it left us wondering if Apple will be upping the ante with next generation iPads? Will the forthcoming iPad and iPad mini be gaining the oft misunderstood Touch ID technology?

Let's hope so for several reasons. 

Price has played a key components of tablet adoption outside of iPads this past year. Amazon and others have pushed sub-$200 units, and they've sold well enough to erode iPad market share considerably. Never mind the fact that one might want to be locked up in a padded room in a straight jacket for a few days vs trying to nimbly surf the web with a Kindle device. The simple fact is that price is the key selling point for many. Apple clearly needs a way to resell value in its iPad lineup vs racing to the bottom.

The iPad and iPad mini both coming in with Touch ID may be the key Apple needs. Adding a retina display to the iPad mini is also a feature many are waiting for. Apple adding these features and new chip sets to the iPads current price points (while lowing the prices of the current generation) should deliver value to a variety of buyers.

Slipping the iPad 4 into a $399 slot, with the new 5th generation gaining lightweight design with Touch ID and A7 processor drives a $499 value price point. The current iPad mini moves to a sub-$300 price point of $279, while the new iPad mini with retina display and Touch ID stays put at $329. A little something for everyone, while leaving the completion racing to the bottom with nothing other than falling price points to promote and eroding margins.

Much has been made of Apple quietly taking on Microsoft with Touch ID security while offering the iWork suite for free for iOS devices. Another key to broaching the corporate environment is delivering Touch ID to the professional iPad user. 

Airports, taxis, hotels, convention centers and restaurants, business users lose their mobile devices constantly. Corporate IT should welcome Touch ID as the way to solve issues of corporate theft with easy replacement. 

What does Microsoft have to offer their coveted Enterprise customers in terms of personal mobile device security? Nothing close to what Apple has just unveiled for iPhone, and hopefully next month, iPads as well.

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  1. RNKLN ~ Sep. 18, 2013 @ 10:56 am

    Not so sure iPad mini, with both Retina display and Touch ID, will go to $329. I expect more in the direction of $399, due to expensive components. An iPad mini well below $300 would be nice. Regards, #

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