Jan 14, 2014 — by: Karl Johnson

Signal-rponeGame console makers released new versions of their game consoles in time for Christmas this year. Sony launched their PS4 and Microsoft launched the Xbox One. Both are selling for $499 at Amazon. Will Apple be directly competing with these consoles in the future?

Apple created a game controller API when it released iOS 7 this fall. Moga and Logitech were the first companies to use this new API by creating game controllers for the iPhone. These game controllers have not received great reviews. Yet, iOS game controllers are just getting started and developers are just starting to learn how to use them.

The first game controllers have been wrap around controllers that fit around the iPhone. Signal is going a different direction with their newly announced controller, the RP One. They created a game console style game controller. It is very similar to the Xbox or PS game pads. It uses bluetooth for wireless communication and will also sell for $99.99.

With this new game controller, an iPhone, and an Apple TV, users will be able to create an experience identical to that of a the game console, except this one can also travel. The games for the iOS are still not at the same level as game console games, but they are improving. As the hardware improves, so will the software.

The iPhone still can’t compete with these new game consoles that were recently released. Yet, Apple and iOS developers are working hard to improve the experience and iron out the problems. In time, the iPhone, iOS game pad, and an Apple TV may indeed directly compete with the game consoles of today.

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