Jan 15, 2014 — by: Karl Johnson

PdfexpertBefore iOS 7, Goodreader was the best PDF reader and document management application on the iOS. With iOS 7, Goodreader became very buggy. The developers had plenty of time to fix the bugs before iOS 7 came out. They did finally release an update and say a major upgrade is coming soon. Is it a little too late for Goodreader?

PDF Expert 5 was released soon after iOS7. It was designed for iOS 7 and looks beautiful, which was always Goodreader’s biggest weakness. PDF Expert has all the same PDF annotation features and cloud syncing features that Goodreader has, plus more. PDF Expert’s cloud sync is done in the background, similar to iCloud when the application is on. This alone is a reason to switch for users who want to sync files, as it makes syncing files seamless. Reading PDF files have several new features including a PDF crop mode, which crops the white space around the PDF and makes the PDFs much easier to read. PDF expert has a ton of great features and you can read about them here.

PDF Expert 5 has replaced Goodreader as the must have file management tool and PDF reader for the iPad. It is the type of application that the iPad was made for. If you own an iPad with iOS 7, you have to look into PDF Expert 5.

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  1. lynda ~ Jan. 16, 2014 @ 3:49 am

    hi have you also tried or heard of writepdf? its just as good as pdf expert i tend to flit between both #

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