Jan 16, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Most of us were earlier adopters of iOS 7. I held out for two weeks, but only two weeks. Most people who own a modern iPhone or iPad are running iOS 7. It would take a conscious effort and specific reasons NOT to upgrade.

That said, iOS 7 has some serious interface drawbacks. Example one: try turning off your iPhone or iPad. It looks as if the graphics department had the week off and the engineering team made it work, but... there is a lot to be desired. It isn't the prettiest thing you've ever seen. Another way of saying it is that it isn’t something you'd expect from Apple.

Another example is the iPhone voicemail system. It is slow, less intuitive and somewhat buggy. Maybe it seems buggy because it's so slow at times? Once again, Voicemail’s implementation looks as though the graphics/interface team had that week off when designing the interface.

There are several other areas that are lacking in iOS 7 and that is why this video gives us some hope. It is of someone who has a white iPhone running iOS 7.0.4 and a black iPhone running a developmental version of iOS 7.1. After watching it, I was reminded again of how “half-baked” iOS 7 is on the interface front. All the tools are there to make it nice and polished, but it was as if they had to launch it to launch the new iPhones/iPads (which is probably more true than we know).

In any event, it is nice to know Apple understands their interface weaknesses and looks like they are taking them head on with iOS 7.1.

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  1. Tom Merrill ~ Jan. 23, 2014 @ 5:32 pm

    Should I upgrade to 7.1? How could that make things any worse than my mistake in upgrading to 7 in the first place. My iPhone is a basic "4". I was lured into upgrading to IOS7 by the promises of extended battery life and other features I have long since forgotten. And to be fair, I think I did get some extended battery life. What I was not prepared for was a "phone" that soon became marginally functional. Voicemails come in but are often not accessible for several minutes. I've made calls to the voicemail of others and my phone would freeze up when I attempted to follow that systems script for leaving a message. The system for listing "keywords" used to identify phone numbers & email addresses worked great in IOS6. If you needed to change one from say "home" to another default like "mobile" or a custom one like "teleconf" or "Susan" you pull up the list and all the default set is listed alphabetically, then all the lower case custom names followed by Upper Case custom names, each listed alphabetically. Now, all the custom name are listed willy nilly and finding a previously created name is a major pain. The freezing became such a problem that I ended up letting an Apple "Genius" do a clean reinstall. Aside from the fact that I should have held off and done a 3rd party app by app check to make sure not to lose any important data, that was a good idea. The phone still freezes from time to time but for shorter periods, and the Keywords mess is unchanged. #

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