Jan 3, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple rarely bricks on software implementation or product categories, but every now and then a few splinters crop up. With the new year gearing up, here are 10 items we hope Apple takes the tweezers to in 2014:

  1. Return Airplay into the iOS Music App. Yes, it is still available via the Control Panel, but how many people know that? Airplay is the feature for Apple TV via iOS devices, but it is now buried within the control panel. Hopefully Apple will find room to stick it right back into Music.
  2. Make more Mac Pro's so we can pick one up at a store before 2015.
  3. Banish all-things-NSA. Reveal everything the NSA has taken/are trying to take, and are forcing Apple to state they no nothing about (even though they do). Just blow the lid off this trampling of the 4th Amendment.
  4. Add iPhoto control into iCloud. Photos are managed within Apple's cloud servers, but it is completely unaccessible for the user.
  5. Return iWork's robust feature set, that was stripped out with the iOS 7 launch.
  6. Honor a two-year battery life warranty with every iOS device. 
  7. Reposition the Dictation button within the iOS keyboard. Fat fingers or no, people hit that button on the time instead of the space bar, numeric key. Or as one pundit suggested, simply make the key require a momentary hold down to activate it.
  8. Get Jonathan Ive live on stage at an Apple Special Event. The guy is great in videos and interviews, so let's see what he can do in presenting something new and revolutionary.
  9. iWatch. I'm not sure why I'd want one, but I'm sure if Apple brings it to market they will have found some compelling mass market reasons that will change our minds.
  10. Apple 4K (UHD) TV anyone?

If you have other suggestions for Apple post freely below.

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  1. mhikl ~ Jan. 8, 2014 @ 4:40 pm

    Excellent points. Now this is how Apple concerns should be made by rabid iHaters. • I especially agree with Nos. 1, 3,3,3,3, 4, 5 (I still live in Pages 4), 6, 8, 9 and 3. • No. 2 The Pro I won’t be getting till my new Mac mini bites the dust, say 2017, so focus on the other numbers Apple. • No.7 I talk too much, so I am told, so this easy fix might confound my problem. • No. 10 TV shackles my chance to chatter so rare is the day I watch the beast. • No.3 Good Apple is taking on the Cote appointed naughty Michael Bromwich; so why not the NSA. • No. 8 Jon boy is a shy guy but with a little guidance by a vociferous certain someone, the cuddly fellow (as my wife terms he & me) would have an audience cheering him a full head of hair. #

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