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12_days_of_christmasAs Christmas rapidly approaches, there are many friends or family members pining for some Apple goodness in their lives. Time is limited, so hopefully the list below will help you with some ideas that are within your budget. NOTE: Our links take you directly to the product we have in mind.


  1. Apple_gift_cardApple Gift Cards: While people think of iTunes gift cards all the time, they are limited in use for purchasing apps and media content only. However, an Apple Gift Card — which is different than an iTunes gift card — could be used to buy anything Apple offers, and more likely they will be used by those hoarding these cards to fund their next iPhone or Mac purchase.
  2. OllioclipiPhone Fisheye Lens: This is not likely to be on anyon’s list who owns an iPhone, but once you use one you will likely recommend it to anyone who owns an iPhone. ólloclip is highly regarded as the best brand for forward facing and selfie lenses. This is a gift no one might expect, but something everyone will talk about and start using even while gifts are still being opened.
  3. Joby_mpod_tripodiPod/iPhone Tripod: If you have never used a tripod stand to take photos or videos of yourself, there is certainly times when you have wanted one. Joby has solidly built products, and we highly recommend them for anyone who is an REI outdoors type of person.

  4. Mtower_macbook_stand27" iMac with 5K Display: Starting at $2,499 this is certainly not a stocking stuffer, but can be the go-to family Mac of all Macs. If you have kids getting into photography or video editing, this is the perfect Mac for them, hands down. Oh, and it will also delight the gamer out there also! If you have kids, do not forget Apple’s online Educational Store (tucked away at the bottom of Apple’s main store page), as it will save you $200!
  5. Beats_solo2_wireless_headphonesBeats Solo2 Wireless Headphones: $299.95, but if you have a boy at home that is into cool stuff, and wants a nice base sound to his music, you cannot go wrong with these headphones. If you want to lean a bit more to the affordable side, go with the wired version and save $100.

  6. Ecobee3_themostatEcobee3: Want a family gift that no one will care about except your wallet? Get the Ecobee3 and keep Google’s prying eyes out of your home, while saving on your heating bill. The Ecobee3 is not as widely known as Google’s Nest, nor does it have the distribution of Honeywell’s Lyric, but it is perhaps the easiest, smartest, and most bug-free, high-tech thermostat on the market. Oh, and it has a great iPhone app (of course).
  7. Brenthaven_elliot_backpackBrenthaven Backpack: They have been making cases and tech packs focused on Apple gear for, well, I don’t know, but it has been a long time, and their products are quality and will last and last. We recommend the Elliot backpack, but Brenthaven products are all winners.

  8. Logitech_type_ipad_keypadiPad Logitech Type+ Keyboard: If you have an iPad in the family and no keyboard cover, then this will turn the best tablet on the market into a Surface-killing desktop, and it will protect the entire iPad, not just the font. The keyboard has the best feel/feedback in the market.
  9. Scottevest_sev_annie_jacket_womensSCOTTeVEST Jacket: She would not see this coming guys, so we linked to the woman’s jacket. SCOTTeVEST has the most high-tech Apple friendly clothing around. Pack iPhones, iPods or iPads into your clothing like no other brand — and this is quality clothing.

  10. Star_wars_masters_iphone_casesStar Wars iPhone Cases: A case, is a case, is a case, until it is a Star Wars Masters collection by fineartamerica. Check them out if you have a Star Wars geek roaming your home’s hallways, as they are quality products with some great artwork.

  11. Mtower_macbook_standmTower for MacBook: Does someone need to reclaim some desk space when working at a desk with monitor, but has nowhere to set their MacBook? Look no further. This elegant and simple solution will keep their desk space clear.

  12. Eu_boomUltimate Ears, EU Boom: Need a little portable sound that works better than it is advertised? I purchased this portable speaker for my wife/family last year and it is fantastic. The UE Boom can fill the entire kitchen, dining and vaulted ceiling great-room quite well. The battery lasts as least as long as it is advertised. A must give gift for the family with iPhones, iPods or iPads.

Have other great or unique suggestions, post them below.

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