Mar 12, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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Wwdc-2013-apple-logoEven though much of the country has suffered a brutal winter, there has been a recent shift that most of us can now sense is on the horizon – Spring! In the world of all-things-Apple, Spring is a time of rabid speculation, accompanied by a big ramp up to WWDC. This year is proving to be no different.

Rumors are flying in from the Far East on a daily basis: 

  • TSMC has started to ramp production of Apple’s A8 processor with their amazingly small 20nm process.
  • Samsung just acquired the A8 processor contract.
  • TSMC's yields are better than expected and are ahead of schedule!

But wait, there’s more!

  • Apple’s launching a 5.7" iPhone 6!
  • Or, is Apple launching a 4.7" iPhone 6 starting at $299?!
  • A new Apple TV will sport UHD (4K support!), wait, no it won't...

Recent rumors have painted a picture that’s about a clear as a foggy San Francisco day. It isn’t pretty, and the only thing clear with the rumor mill is that nothing is clear

There is the saying, “where there is smoke there is fire” doesn’t hold true when it comes to Apple. With our favorite fruit company it is best to wait for the “proof to be in the pudding” — also known as an Apple special event. With so much energy swirling about a forthcoming iPhone, could Apple be pushing to disrupt its annual fall launch schedule, which in turn would completely catch Apple’s competition off-guard?

Should Apple launch a revised iPhone (or iPhones) at or before their June WWDC14, it would be a dagger to Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy S5 smartphone plans. Not only was the latest Galaxy chalk full of wanna-be Apple technologies, such as a questionable TouchID clone, but the media yawned at the announcement and moved on. The Galaxy S5 is due to launch in the U.S. and worldwide in April. If Apple does come to the table with a new iPhone launch at or before WWDC14, Samsung’s ray of sunshine will be cut short by roughly 6 months — Apple having cut its annual launch cycle in half.

Beyond an iPhone launch coming sooner than later, Apple would be moving into a new strategic direction. Fall product launches at Apple’s Special Events has been the company’s timeframe for its flagship product introductions or updates. Relegating an iPhone launch to another time frame would indicate Apple has a new lead dog for growth. The most obvious product being that of some new Apple TV solution. In whatever form a new Apple TV drops down from One Infinite Loop no one knows, but if this is Apple’s master launch plan, the new Apple TV will be a leapfrog over the competition, not just another incremental Apple TV move.

A special product launch event at or before WWDC? With so much swirling in the air, and certainly more to come, consider it more than likely.

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