Mar 18, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Apple TV, iPhone, iWatch, Rumors

PagatronI recently discussed the possibilities of Apple holding a Special Event on or before their June WWDC event, with the intent to launch an iPhone 6. The theory is that this leaves the door wide open for Apple to deliver an all new product category in the fall, something akin to a watch-like device or all new Apple TV, which would include more high profile networks, gaming and perhaps Siri control. 

Today, on the heels of this speculation comes another report from Zhan Xaixian of Tawain's Business Times online. Zhan claims Pegatron, one of Apple's growing contract manufacturers, has started to put the pieces in place for iPhone 6 production runs starting in 2Q14. 

Is this reporting any better than that of the sketchy (at best) DigiTimes? That's amazingly difficult to answer since these reports from Asia fly across the globe on a nearly hourly basis, some on target, others not even close. 

If any grains of salt from this report are accurate, and the production ramp for iPhone6 will take place in the April - June timeframe, an iPhone 6 launch could be possible on or before WWDC. It's only rampant speculation at this point, but we are following this closely so we T-GAAPers can bring a reasonable Apple roadmap to the table sooner than later.

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