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Airdrop_almostYesterday, Apple released the latest beta version of OS X, 10.9.3 to developers. The newly minted code focuses on graphics and audio driver enhancements, finalizing bug-free support for 4k (UHD) displays.

Really? That's the focus?

I can't help but wonder if the brain trust at Apple is waning in some functional way. How many tens of millions of times have iOS and OS X users wanted to instantly use AirDrop to move a photo or file from their iOS device to their Mac for editing, file storage or emailing a host of recipients with edits? 

Of course, this isn't possible, because AirDrop does not currently work between iOS and OS X, nor does it appear to be on the radar of One Infinite Loop's management crew.

How can this be?

That question continues to haunt my mind, and it isn't just AirDrop that is in need of help. Simple fixes like fully restoring the "Save As..." feature (available, but hidden), or when saving files the Finder does not point back to the directory that was just accessed moments before with a save. Apple seems to have no ability or care to update and/or fix the insidiousness of these simple and ongoing problems that, in total, can build to a mountain of inefficiency and frustration.

Thank goodness OS X competes with Windows!

Of course, AirDrop between iOS and OS X is a no-brainer, and yet is completely MIA.

No system is perfect, we should all understand that, especially between the ever-changing mobile world and relatively nascent desktop space. Yet Apple has dangled this fantastic AirDrop technology in front of us, but has seemingly zero clue about its major missing link. How can the UNIX core, used for both iOS and OS X, which both contain AirDrop, not work together?! It's nearly mind boggling this wasn't priority one iOS 7.0.1 and OS 10.9.1.

Instead, Apple has focused on various OS bug fixes, and a minor look and feel revision for iOS, primarily for the phone app. Bug fixes are always welcome, but a revised look and feel to the phone app takes precedence over getting AirDrop to work between iOS and OS X? 

Real world users don't care so much about whether this is the job of the UX, UI, or engineering teams, or that this is a difficult coordination between management powers of OS X and iOS. Users simply care about meaningful updates via laser focused teams in Cupertino that can prioritize the next set of fully functional features that make Apple devices so great. 

Here's to hoping the next OS X and iOS updates make AirDrop connectivity a reality. But something tells me we are more likely to get iTunes Radio as a separate app instead of inside the music app. Great. Just what we were waiting for...

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  1. STL ~ March 19, 2014 11:22

    Hope your juvenile rant made you feel better. How do you know what's on Apples radar? It's already easy to move items between iOS and OSX using iTunes or email. Yes, Airdrop would provide another way but geez, grow up and realize that your desires don't drive the bus. #
  2. brian ~ March 20, 2014 09:11

    I understand your point, though there are already numerous apps available to provide that very functionality, like Files, FileMagnet, among others. Sure it would be great if AirDrop did the job, but it doesn't so why gripe about something that is easily fixed with a trip to the App Store? #
  3. John ~ June 17, 2014 02:35

    STL, that is not the point.. His point is AirDrop was sold as you can share your files easily between devices, and it is not true. I thought I could use it to send files to my computer, of course I can send via email. but why Airdrop is not doing it? #

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