Mar 24, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Flight-370-alien-abuduction-ipad2Podcast Episode 104: Alien Abduction and the Missing iPad 2. We may still be searching for missing Malaysian Flight 370, but don't forget iPad 2's went missing this week as well.

Fear not. T-GAAP hosts Mark, Karl and Werner have all the important Apple News & Analysis in this week's podcast:

  • iOS 7.1: Reflections
  • Tim Cook lashes out a Yakari Kane’s book “Haunted Empire”
  • iPhone 5C 8GB - Offers only 2.96GB less storage out of the box than Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Sold only in UK, France, Austria, Australia and China.
  • Apple resurrects 4th Gen iPad, retires 2nd Gen for $399
  • Office for iPad arriving next week? M$ stock reaches highest levels since 2000 on iPad Office anticipation.
  • Amazon about to launch AppleTV competitor to developers. Launch imminent!
  • Rumorville: Apple’s CM Pegatron to ramp production of iPhone 6 in 2Q… When in 2Q? Launch in July? Whaaaa?

All this and much, much more in Podcast Episode 104: Alien Abduction and the Missing iPad 2.

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