Apr 1, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Sayta_nadellaIn a surprise move just a week after the announcement of Office for iPad, Microsoft’s new CEO Sayta Nadella issued a press release early this morning,

“It has become clear to the marketplace, and also in Redmond, that mobile is the future. Since Windows has been unable to catch iOS and Android it makes no sense to continue pursuing a path where customers are not going.”

Nadella continued,

“Windows is a strong server and desktop platform. We will continue pursuing opportunities in the those legacy markets. However the gaping hole in Microsoft’s portfolio of software offerings is lack of Android support. Therefore starting today I have issued an internal decree to migrate Office to Android — code name Project Deathspiral.”

T-GAAP contacted Microsoft PR regarding the future of Surface RT, Surface Pro and other Surface cleaning products (Lysol, Pinesol, Comet, etc). T-GAAPs calls were not returned.

We can only speculate that CEO Sayta Nadella has either fallen and hit his head while being walked down stairs by Steve Ballmer (Apple’s second most important employee ever) or it could be April Fool's Day — you decide.

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