Apr 2, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: Jobs, Steve Jobs, OS X

SoundOS X Mavericks is a great OS upgrade. From better handling of multiple displays with improved Spaces/Mission Control to the more advanced technologies of better power utilization, OS X Mavericks has been a delight to use — most of the time.

One annoying bug that is echoed on Apple’s Community Support pages is the loss of sound after a few days of running OS X Mavericks. Some people explaining loosing all sound prompts while others describe only Mail.app and a couple of other specific apps loose their sound. However sound is lost, people don’t seem to like the net result.

OS X Mavericks is currently at 10.9.2. Audio feedback is an essential feedback mechanism — whether using a computer or driving a car. Sound warns us about impending dangers as well as enriches our lives. As an audiophile, Steve Jobs was notorious about the original Mac doing more than just beeping.

There are various fixes discussed on Apple’s Community Support pages but the only one that appears to work, all the time, is to restart the Mac. This is sad, since sound is such a basic function. Losing sound at first is unnoticed, then becomes more and more bothersome, but something that should not require a system reboot to regain. 

Apple, if you are listening, please fix this bug in 10.9.3 — well that is if you can hear us.

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