Apr 29, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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It has been 553 days, or 1.5 years, since that last Mac mini update. The current model is dated, and behind a processor generation with its CPU and GPU.

Only once before in the history of the Mac mini did such time elapse between updates and that was between August 2007 and March 2009. That was the last time the Mac mini changed form factor to what we know today.

Is another such form factor transition just around the corner? An update is long overdue, and according to historical figures an update is due soon. There are major Mac mini features that need revisions:

  • Replace the Thunderbolt port with Thunderbolt 2,
  • Eliminate the FW 800 port,
  • Increase the hard/SSD drive option sizes (matching options available on the iMac)
  • Catch up to the current generations of Intel CPU/GPU chipset

If Apple wants to continue selling the mini it will not only need to bring the insides up-to-date but also sex-up the outside. While the current form factor is pleasant, a new form factor would give the Mac mini another boost in sales. Why do you think car manufacturers change the shell of their cars every 2-3 years? New looks sell, even if the technology under the hood is modestly different a new shell plus interior will move more cars than lowering prices or talking about engine specs.

Will Apple announce a new Mac mini at WWDC14? Will they wait until after? Will they merge the new Mac mini and Apple TV into one device? The only certainty is that a major update is long overdue.

Note: this article has been updated to correct errors about Thunderbolt and USB Ports. Special thanks to the following for their feedback: Bob Patterson, Bumper, BJNY, BrianM, Robert, James Diefendorf, Rodney and Mike

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