May 12, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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According to re/code’s Ina Fried, Apple has wooed a key player in the development of Nokia’s Pureview photography technology, Ari Partinen. The Pureview technology made its debut back in 2012 onto a Symbian based Nokia smartphone. Since then Pureview has been a part of Nokia’s Lumia series, and Nokia’s marketing team has been trumpeting Lumia’s superior photography technology as a main reason to consider purchasing its phones.

Microsoft’s Lumia spokesman responded in part that, “PureView is the work of the entire team, not any one individual.” Of course Microsoft would say that, what else can they say given the fact that they just lost one of their technology geniuses to Apple?

Pureview is an imaging technology that combines large, super high resolution 41MP with high performance Carl Zeiss optics. The large sensor enables pixel oversampling, which combines many pixels into one perfect pixel. PureView imaging technology is the result of many years of research development. The tangible fruits of this work are amazing image quality, lossless zoom, and superior low light performance.1

While Apple may rarely publicly say anything about their smart phone competition, that doesn’t mean the executive team at Infinity Loop ignores the competition — especially when that competition may have an advantage. One of Apple’s secrets since its rise to power under Jobs’ second tour of duty as CEO was to make sure Apple hired the best and the brightest. In other words, the HR department at Apple is always seeking the cream of the crop, not just people who want to come work for a successful company.

Ari Partinen will be a welcome addition to the photography team at Apple, but we will most likely need to wait another year until his contribution can be seen in the iPhone 6S.

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