May 22, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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During its 2014 second fiscal quarter, Apple shocked Wall Street and left critics silent, as Apple sold 43.7 million iPhones. Tech milestones are fleeting, with new records born and broken on a weekly basis, but some accomplishments are bigger than others. One such monumental milestone is a soon-to-be-fact, looming on the horizon — Apple is on the verge of selling 200 million iPhones in a single year.

With large screen smartphones being pushed heavily by virtually every manufacturer, the effort has made little dent in Apple’s march to selling an ever-growing number of 4-inch iPhones. In fact, Apple continues to gain market share in the U.S., now at 41.3%. Apple’s growth is surprising given that an assumed pent-up demand was ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which was announced February 24th. In the face for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Apple is likely to lose little, if any, ground to Samsung in the current quarter.

Pent-up demand for an iPhone 6 (we believe will be called iPhone Air), is massive, as rumors are pointing towards a 4.7-inch iPhone. Not quite large screen, but no longer a small screen form factor iPhone either. The massive upgrade eligible iPhone install base will be the largest in Apple’s history by this Fall. With the best estimates, Apple has sold over 200 million iPhone 4 and 4s’ combined, and those users will be upgrade eligible to leap into the new generation iPhone. Some eager iPhone 5 users will also jump, and an ever-growing Android switcher crowd will move onto the diminutive iPhone platform.

We are anticipating a June/July iPhone launch at Apple’s world-wide developers conference (WWDC), and with it a monster iPhone quarter. Yet the iPhone 6/Air will likely boost Apple’s overall iPhone sales over 60 million units in their December quarter.

Without Apple entering 5-inch+ Phablet device market, this current quarter (Apple’s fiscal Q3), iPhone is on its way to achieving 200 million iPhone sales by March 2015. In other words, the 200 million iPhone year is here, it’s happening on right now.

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