Jun 20, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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T-Mobile Test DriveThis week T-Mobile is trying to change the mobile network game by giving anyone an iPhone 5s and a free 7-day test drive on their network. According to their press release, T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere stated that it is,

“A big day for wireless. An even bigger day for wireless customers.”

Legere goes on to say that T-Mobile’s mobile network is different than the other big three in the U.S. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are all phone companies that moved into the mobile space. T-Mobile, Legere claims, is a mobile network company period. The distinction makes a difference because T-Mobile is built with the data user in mind, not just the voice user. Matter of fact voice is no longer analog, but digital, so it is data too. Legere claims this isn’t just “marketing B.S.” but a real difference that once people try they’ll understand. This difference also allows T-Mobile to give its customers far better data plans and rates than the other three.

The way the test drive works is that anyone with an iPhone 5s can make the switch to T-Mobile for free, for seven days. To get started you go to this web form and it is three simple steps after that. 

  1. T-Mobile sends you an iPhone 5s
  2. You test the phone on T-Mobile’s network for 7 days
  3. If you don’t wish to continue you take the phone to the nearest T-Mobile store

It’s a clever plan in three ways. First, it gets iPhone 5s’s into the hands of people without requiring them to walk into a T-Mobile store. Second, it gets the best phone on the planet associated with the T-Mobile brand/network. Finally, to stop you have to go to a T-Mobile store and likely be talked through all the reasons why you should probably make the switch and sign up for an affordable mobile data plan — and you love the phone, right?

T-Mobile is a carrier trying to find their place against the other big three, and this is a brave and clever move on their part. Will they get any switchers? Apparently so. This morning T-Mobile claims "More than 12,000 people have signed up to start cheating on their carrier."  It is also interesting to note that they think they are best network, so they chose what they believe to be the best phone to pair with: the iPhone 5s.

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