Jul 2, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
Categories: iOS, OS X, Predictions, Rumors


Rumor — our source in the Bay Area (who provides us nice photos of events like WWDC14) has learned through the grape vine that Apple intends to make a big splash this Fall with the releases of their next desktop and mobile operating systems, by releasing them at the same time. This would be a first for Apple.

The reasons make perfect sense when one considers Apple’s suite of technologies under the Continuity umbrella. If Apple did not release both operating systems at the same time, it would make a myriad of new features virtually useless: 

  • Handoff: start writing an email, message or work on a project on one device and then complete it on another.
  • SMS Messaging: using your Mac to SMS text non-iPhone users.
  • Mac Phone: using your Mac to answer calls from your iPhone.
  • Instant Hotspot: enabling your iPhone to be a hotspot for other iOS or Macs without having to touch the iPhone.

Again, these are some pretty cool features, but without both OS X Yosemite AND iOS 8 these features sit dormant unable to do anything.

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