Jul 22, 2014 — by: Karl Johnson

PixelmatorApple is creating a new photography app for the Mac called Photos. This application is based on Photos for the iOS, but it looks like it is so much more. Apple demonstrated this when they showed many cool features for Photos on the iOS. One of the cool features is third-party extensibility.

Third-party extensibility should allow others to add features to Photos for either the Mac or iOS. How this will work is still unknown. If Apple creates a system that allows for deep integration, it will be a huge advantage for Apple and third party developers. One of those will be Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is an inexpensive photo editing application available on the Mac App Store. Pixelmator has recently moved to16-bit, which really helps to create better photos by keeping more of the color information. Combining Photos and Pixelmator could create a powerful set of editing tools. Adding Pixelmator’s powerful editing tools to Apple’s Photos application will make it much easier to edit photos.

The developers of Pixelmator should be very interested in Photos. Hopefully, Apple is working with them to create this third-party plugin extension architecture. There are many other great photo editing tools in the Mac App Store, but Pixelmator is still one of the best. Pixelmator and Mac users should be looking forward to what Apple has in store for Photos for the Mac.

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