Aug 1, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Jobs-ipad-keynote2010 was the last time the Apple faithful were treated to a new product category launch. The iPad made its debut just three years after the incredibly successful iPhone introduction. Over four years has passed since the iPad was announced, yet Apple has produced nothing “new.” Over the years iPhone and iPad have certainly improved — iPad now has a mini companion — but Apple’s history has set expectations for the company to launch something yet unseen, yet unknown, or yet to be done, every few years.

This Fall presents Apple another opportunity to break the cycle of just another set of upgrades to current product categories. The iPhone 6 (aka iPhone Air) is most likely going to sport a larger display (or displays), but it may be a new product that steals the show. Under Tim Cook’s leadership, there have been two special events in the Fall. A September show (2012, 2013) and an October show (2012, 2013). October is a special month for Apple as it is the beginning of its fiscal calendar. If you have never worked for a fortune 500 company, let me tell you, that is a big deal. Never under estimate when products launch and how they are tied to how bonuses are calculated.

Expect to see at least one of the two most highly rumored new product categories make center stage this Fall. Either the iWatch and/or the all-in-one Apple TV will be announced. It has been several years since Walter Isaacson's Jobs biography talked of a TV breakthrough with Jobs claiming “I've cracked it.” Even before the biography, fans and analysts alike have been on pins and needles waiting for Apple to introduce a new all-in-one TV with Siri and à la carte content. That said, the most likely and predictable launch would be in the form of the highly rumored iWatch wearable device.

Could Apple announce both in October to start off their fiscal year with an incredible bang? Would Apple launch one in September and one in October? How about a third special event in November, so Apple can give the iPhone 6, iWatch and Apple TV their own special event?

Tim Cook has already publicly promised an entirely new product category release coming in 2014, but only those inside the halls of Infinity Loop know how the company will stage their big reveal. One thing is all but certain – this Fall is unlikely to be like any before it.

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  1. ViewRoyal ~ Aug. 1, 2014 @ 10:53 am

    "Nearly five years has passed since the iPad was announced, yet Apple has produced nothing “new.”" Untrue. Apple has produced several "new" and notable products during the past five years, including innovative hardware, software, and service products. A few of these products include: a powerful professional workstation in a silent, 10 inch high cylinder; the Apple A7 processor, the first 64-bit mobile ARM processor in the world; CarPlay, an innovative car media centre system; an extended iCloud service which includes iWork applications that sync automatically with the Mac iWork applications; and many other great new products. #
  2. Chandler Parsons ~ Aug. 1, 2014 @ 12:59 pm

    RE: ViewRoyal, Apple's new Mac Pro tower is an update to a very old line that needed it. It is NOT a brand new market space. iPod was. iPhone was. iPad was was. Software updates, hardware updates to existing products are not new market products. #

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