Aug 13, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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BehrPicking new paint colors for your home can be both challenging, fun and yet frustrating, all at the same time! Yet with so many options it is sometimes hard to pick the right one. Keeping all of the different color scheme ideas organized can also be difficult, and with so many color scheme apps in the app store, that often is not a help. For this task, users need a good, easy to use paint app, so here are a few of the best.

Behr is the main brand of paint that is sold at Home Depot (and Home Depot's own brand). They also have their own app for both the iPhone and iOS called Color Smart. With Color Smart, users can explore colors, photo match, preview colors, and select favorite colors and schemes. All these features help users find and organize their color ideas in selecting the best paint color. Behr is not the only one who has a mobile app to help customers. Lowe’s paint brand, Valspar also has their own app. Sherwin-Williams mobile app is called ColorSnap. Color Capture is Benjamin Moore’s mobile app.

There are plenty of options for users looking for new paint ideas. It has gotten a lot easier to find the right paint color or color scheme for the home with these advanced apps. Most of these apps can also photo match with colors from photos for users who already have specific ideas. The top paint brands have a mobile app that allows users to explore and organize paints for their next project. Check them out for your next home paint project.

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  1. Frank ~ Aug. 14, 2014 @ 5:05 am

    Appreciate the write-up. Went to look at the App Store for Lowe's Valspar paints app. The reviews are decidedly mixed, with some quite negative. Poor navigation, no search, no back button, losing one's place, no user control over palette combos, and even questionable matches with actual paint colors in store. Hope you all can do a review of these apps at some point--or, at least, a secondary reporting on the most helpful (& critical) reviews on the App Store. Add some comparative judgments and it could prod the developers, paint companies, and big Home Improvement stores into making better apps! #

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