Aug 21, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Apple-tv-channelsRecently, Apple TV has added quite a few high profile channels. Just yesterday NFL Now was introduced. Before that was Fox Now, Watch ESPN, Watch ABC, Watch ABC News, History, A&E, HBO Go, PBS, Lifetime, Smithsonian and much more. Apple TV has become very popular with consumers but also with networks.

However, Apple TV is being positioned as a secondary TV device. Most of these channels offer some free content but in order to watch all the content, an ID from a cable or satellite provider is required. Instead of Apple TV being a device that lets consumers “cut the cord”, Apple TV is enhancing the value (and need) of cable and satellite subscriptions.

However Netflix and Hulu Plus bunk this trend by allowing all their content to be accessed by subscribing directly to their service — whether or not you have another TV subscription service. The question is why others have decided not to follow this model and instead leverage cable/satellite subscriptions? If more channels would follow the Netflix model — or at least offer it as an option — then it would not only expand the universe of potential customers for each network, it would make cutting the cord on cable much easier.

Only paying for what you want is always better than paying more for excess that you never use. If only some of Apple TV’s channels would get this concept, they could lead the way to building direct growth and loyalty to their network instead of hoping cable and satellite companies properly promote and expand their market share.

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  1. DTM ~ Aug. 21, 2014 @ 10:54 am

    We cut the cord over 4 years ago. Using the very first AppleTV - 2 of them. I had the blessing of two teens too at the time. Now they too are on their own and use exclusively AppleTV's and Netflix. Over the years we buy or rent content. And the biggie is Netflix when it came on the 2nd gen AppltTV. The apps on the AppleTV now are pretty much worthless. Being a cord cutter, I do not watch or see much "TV." Then when these apps come on the ATV - I must PAY for cable TV access to watch FREE TV - ABC being the first. WTF. So funny. The three of us - my two kids being the demo EVERY advertiser wants - never sees their shows. Ever. They have zero interest. Let alone the YouTube app. Which has obliterated free TV. Do these TV executives get it? People prefer to watch out of focus, lower quality videos than your billion dollar productions. What - YouTube is in their control and the stuff is entertaining. We pay the cable company for our internet pipe. 100 megs down for 75 bucks a month. When we dumped the TV part of our monthly cable it was $104 per month. PLUS add the internet then. Nearly $200 per month for TV no one watched. And now these same people release AppleTV apps that require that I pay for cable TV to watch. IF I PAID FOR CABLE TV WHY DO I NEED YOUR APP ON APPLETV? !!! Cable companies are like the cellular providers. Just give us high speed, reliable pipes and we will pay you. As we wait for Google gigabit. #
  2. STL ~ Aug. 21, 2014 @ 12:21 pm

    "IF I PAID FOR CABLE TV WHY DO I NEED YOUR APP ON APPLETV? "' If you don't record a program you will miss then some of the channels on ATV will provide you those missed programs. #
  3. EB ~ Aug. 21, 2014 @ 11:50 pm

    STL - but that is already available via the cable company (watching back episodes). DTM is correct - give us the freakin' channels or let us pay for specific channels on demand, not buy stupid cable TV that we DON'T want! #

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