Aug 25, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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For many in the U.S., the fall is a season highly anticipated. There is the NFL and college football, and for others it represents the fishing season kicking into full swing. Then there is the tech geeks, and those that look forward to what Apple, Inc. will bring to market. Among the new goodies Apple showcased at their World-Wide Developers Conference in June was the newest desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. This fall OS X Yosemite will launch with my favorite new feature: dark mode.

On June 2, at Apple's worldwide developers conference, Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineer, Craig Federighi, showed off dark mode to the crowd receiving cheers and claps for the simplistic, yet powerful reconstruction of OS X's color theme.


Apple has never been big on multi-themed OS's, delivering only daft changes, most recently with their OS X graphite selection, but dark mode breaks the mold. Dark mode is a creative's OS color dream come true. No more bright colors from the OS interfering with skin tone touch-up, or video effects. 

Dark mode allows for clean and easy menu navigation. Whether in dark mode or not, all the typography throughout the menu-ing system uses the same font, delivering a consistent feel. Yet dark mode seems cleaner and easier to read quickly, that default Yosemite colors.

As of now, there are no additional features built into dark mode, other than it's own look and feel, but it is a mode creative types have been waiting years for (or for some of us, decades). There are some fantastic new features within Mail and other apps, while Spotlight is poised to take center stage, becoming all-things-search. But dark mode for millions of creative users will prove to be worth a few hours of download and install time. As with any Apple OS, the upgrade is free.

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