Aug 26, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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Yerba_buena_apple_special_event_september_9Wipe today off the calendar, and there are exactly two weeks remaining until Apple's supposed September 9, Special Event. According to John Paczkowski of re/code, Apple is to hold a special iPhone launch event on September 9th. T-GAAP believes the dates are correct and the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, CA.

We, at the very least, expect that the forthcoming iPhone Air (AKA iPhone 6) will be announced. The device has been highly rumored to come in two configurations: a 4.7" and 5.5" display, with an improved processor, better battery life, an upgraded camera, plus an ever-thinner enclosure. What is rather odd, is given the volume of rumors and images online, Apple has not gone after a single source with their legal team.

With past product launches, any websites containing images Apple deemed “close enough” to the real thing were quickly hit with cease and desist letters from Apple's legal department. This in no way means what has been floating around from Asia is not legitimate imagery. The change may simply mean that under Tim Cook, Apple will not be going after the media in an attempt to stop images that may, or may not, be the forthcoming iPhone. In many ways Apple’s new approach raises more questions than it does answers. If Apple had gone after a specific image on a particular site, it would all but guarantee what was leaked was indeed the real iPhone. As it stands now, no one has a clue if what’s been revealed is accurate, somewhat on target or a Photoshop fabrication.

Apple has been known to make two or three versions of the same product up to the point of its production ramp schedule. It would interesting, but not shocking, to see a completely different iPhone reach the stage in San Francisco, proving out Apple’s new approach to leaks being highly successful in hiding the real deal.

Apple offering two sizes of iPhones will also follow the Cook mode of operation instead of the Jobs model. Under Jobs only one size screen for the iPhone existed, in three configurations, and two colors, were as far as Apple was willing to release at one time. However, under Cook the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c broke new ground with multiple colors and two new distinct phones being released. Many have said the iPhone 5c was a bust but sales numbers say otherwise, and yet no one is talking about a new iPhone 6c as the 4.7" model and the iPhone Air using the 5.5" display. At least it is a very distinct possibility, given the success with both iPhones announced last year. 

Two weeks. Time is ticking and we are eagerly anticipating something amazing.

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