Aug 29, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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Iphone_5_battery_replacement_programIf you own an iPhone 5 and have not yet learned of Apple’s iPhone 5 battery replacement program, you have either been living on a remote island with Survivor’s Jeff Probst, or are unable to connect to the internet because your iPhone 5 battery died.

On August 22, Apple rolled out an iPhone 5 battery replacement program for qualifying iPhone 5’s. Any iPhone 5 purchased between September 2013 through January 2014 may be eligible. 

Many stores had lines the day after the program was launched, as word spread through social media like wildfire. NOTE: My iPhone 5 qualified and I am around number 200 in the request queue, with an estimated wait time of around two weeks. T-GAAP checked west coast Apple retail locations, and from Los Angeles, CA, to Portland, OR, stores are backed up with iPhone 5 customers waiting for batteries to arrive.

The reasons the program is causing such a massive rush is quite obvious. Anyone who owns an iPhone 5 for nearly two years knows:

  • The iPhone 6 is about to launch and most iPhone 5 owerners will be upgrading. Selling their current iPhone 5 with a new battery will greatly boost iPhone 5’s resale value.
  • Since the iPhone 6 is only weeks away from hitting retail shelves, iPhone 5 owners want to get their battery replaced as soon as possible, so they can put in their iPhone 6 order without delay.

The rush of customers pouring into Apple stores for the free battery replacement appears to have caught Apple off guard with the popularity of their quietly rolled out program. Without the replacement program, a new battery installed at an Apple retail store would cost $79.00. 

Why is Apple doing this now? After two years of heavy use, most smartphone batteries  begin to fail anyway. Instead, Apple released the free battery replacement program. Some believe Apple’s motives are pro active, in order to eliminate any potential battery class action lawsuit, or to boost some iPhone 5 resale values. 

Click here to see iPhone 5 eligibility.

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