Aug 4, 2014 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Mac mini 2014, Mid 2014 Mac mini

Last week, 9to5 Mac spotted an interesting post on Apple’s website that showed a yet-to-be announced Mac mini model — Mid 2014. This mistake was quickly taken down but not before much could be written about it. The question now is not whether Apple has a Mac mini update, but when Apple will release it?

Since we now know it will be known as the “Mid 2014” model, we can deduce that we don’t have much time left before the calendar slips into “Late 2014”. We also predict at least two special events this fall, with one in September and one in October. With Special Events, Apple likes ot focus on one product and give lots of lead and post time for the Event to gain traction. Add this all up and that means a Mac mini launch must be in August,... but when in August?

Don’t under estimate the Mac mini update as simply a minor change. The last Mac mini update was in 2012, and there are many price sensitive people eagerly anticipating a more modern version of the Mac mini to arrive. There are many students who only own an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and would love to get their hands on an affordable desktop solution with the power and capability of OS X. Apple knows this, and therefore will give enough room between a Mac mini update and the Special Event slated September. Labor Day in the U.S. falls on September 1st this year, which puts additional pressure on launching the Mac mini update sooner rather than later.

Given the accidental website leak of “Mid 2014”, the September Special Event and the early  occurrence of Labor Day, we would not be surprised to see the Mid 2014 Mac mini model debut this week. Moreover, Apple likes to promote updates for at least three weeks on their website’s home page and a Mac mini release this week fits all the above criteria.

The Mac mini update is likely to sport an update in processor and integrated graphics as well as and update to disk space and memory options. A slight modification in pricing is also a strong possibility.

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  1. Jesse Ventura ~ Aug. 4, 2014 @ 2:47 pm

    The mini is due for a major update!!! We could certainly use it. We have build a high reliance on the mini in our server farm, and wouldn't want to see it go end-of-life, causing us to start all over on a new standard product. #

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