Aug 7, 2014 — by: Karl Johnson
Categories: iOS Applications, Review

HouzzSelling or staying, many people are looking to remodel their house. Some are just looking to change the paint color on their walls, while others are looking to completely gut their kitchen. Without having a creative or visionary brain, the first question that often comes up is what will the remodel look like, and where should people go when looking for remodeling ideas?

The do-it-yourself warehouses are one common route that is taken to gather ideas and a remodeling vision, while others will hire an interior decorator to do it for them. In the past, many do-it-yourselfers would dive into books to find new ideas. As with most things, the Internet has changed all that. Pinterest is one of the biggest sites to find ideas, but it has a lot more than just remodeling topics.

Those looking for a site that is dedicated to home remodeling, look no further. Houzz is a site dedicated to giving users remodeling suggestions and help. Houzz has thousands of pictures for users to look at. They also have forums for users looking for advice, and users can organize their ideas in idea books. Houzz also has the ability to locate contractors in your area.

Houzz is a great site for those looking to remodel a house, but the company has also created apps for the iPhone and iPad. Users can bring their ideas with them, and all of these features are accessible through their mobile apps. Houzz is a great place for users to start their remodeling projects.

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