Aug 8, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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iPhone 6, iPhone Air, Rumors, Sapphire Display, iBeacon

Follow the rumors surrounding the forthcoming iPhone release, supposedly slated for September 9th, via an Apple Special Event held in San Francisco, and it might make your head spin.

By now the last bits of information surrounding such a massive launch are supposed to be dropping into place. However, from size to price, from display to processor — the fact is, no one really knows anything.

Do a quick rumor roundup and one can quickly learn:

  • iPhone 6 will have NFC,... or it won’t have NFC because Apple’s inclusion of iBeacon  has bested the need for NFC.
  • iPhone 6 will have the most amazing display technology ever invented, making the face from a sapphire glass display... or iPhone 6 will not use a sapphire glass display at all. Wait, the 4.7" iPhone 6 will contain sapphire glass, while the 5.5" display will not. 
  • The 4.7" iPhone 6 is the only iPhone that will be released in early September, with the 5.5" model being announced a month or two later... or both iPhones will launch in mid-September... or was it mid-October... or as late as early November?
  • One thing is certain, iPhone 6 will gain higher resolution cameras... or iPhone 6 will contain higher quality cameras of the same resolution.
  • And finally, iPhone 6 won’t be called the iPhone 6 at all. Rather, Apple is launching the all new iPhone as the “iPhone Air”... or is that just for the 4.7" iPhone, while the 5.5" iPhone will be called “iPhone Plus” or something else?

There are only two facts that can be had about Apple's forthcoming iPhone. 

  1. The iPhone 5S will not be the last iPhone ever made. Another iPhone is coming.
  2. No one at Apple talks about iPhone 6. This much is crystal clear, especially when compared to everyone else’s supposedly rock solid sources — which are about as clear as mud. 

Reading a few articles here and there, one might think the rumor authors know all there is to know about the next generation wonder gadget, as if they are sitting in the weekly executive meetings at Apple. But read more and more, and it becomes evident that no one has a clue what’s going to be included in the next generation iPhone.

Apple has done a great job of keeping the features of the next generation iPhone top secret, which is absolutely amazing when considering the amount of people involved in creating it. Only 32 days until September 9th. We can hardly wait.

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