Sep 3, 2014 — by: Mark Reschke
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9.9.2014 - Apple Special Event - We Wish We Could Say More

Last week Apple invited select media to an expected September special event. This all but confirms that John Paczkowski of Re/code is now Apple's new “pre-briefing” contact (aka “official leaker”) for passing along Apple’s message in a cryptic format before a product announcement. In a later post Paczkowski also pointed out that Apple would be announcing an iWatch device at the event, alongside the new iPhone. The location of the event, the new phone (or phones) and an all-new device, indeed, this is looking to be a mega special event.

What the building is going on? The best we can surmise is the white structure Apple has constructed on the De Anza college campus is an after event facility for the media to try out the new iPhone and perhaps iWatch in a party-tent type atmosphere. The special event being held in the Flint Center, the exact venue where Steve Jobs launched Macintosh 30 years earlier, also suggests this is a monumental, company changing event for Apple.

Lastly, there remains one looming question that is still unanswered: Will Apple be announcing one new iPhone or two? In June I argued that it would be best if Apple only launched the rumored 4.7" iPhone and wait to see world-wide sales numbers. If the 4.7" iPhone is massively successful at converting 5"-range Android users, and if China sees huge pickup, then Apple may find no need to launch a larger 5.5" sized device. However, if Apple sees room to launch a larger phablet iPhone in early 2015, they can do so. It all boils down to how well the 4.7" iPhone is at preventing competitive phablet phone sales. Launching both iPhones at once would splits sales, and does not give Apple anywhere else to go for another year. Based on the recent rumors, it appears Apple is leaning towards announcing only the 4.7" iPhone, and this T-GAAP-er believes that is the right play for now.

How long will this event be? Typically, Apple’s presentations are no longer than two-hours, but this event being held at the Flint Center, with some magical, jumbo pup tent just beyond, and with more than just an updated iPhone on the docket, we can see Cook and company making this an all day affair. Far too many hardware and software goodies to confine into a typical Apple 2 hour session.

If you have any information regarding the September 9 special event, please contact us.

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