Oct 20, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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Apple_q4_2015_conference_callApple reveals their quarterly and year-end financials a week from today, Tuesday, October 27, after the closing bell. Apple's financial audio call can be listened to live, starting at 2:00 p.m. PT here.

Wall Street consensus expectations for Apple's fourth quarter are as follows: 

  • Revenues of $51.07B (Year-Ago Sales: $41.12B)
  • YOY Revenue Growth Estimate: 21.20%
  • Consensus EPS: $1.88 (High: $2.02, Low: $1.75)
  • Gross Margins of 39.55%
  • Net Income: $10.45 billion

iPhone sales are expected to hit the 51 million sales mark. Apple sold 39.2 million iPhones in the year ago quarter. Apple is likely to continue keeping Apple Watch sales figures from public release. Yesterday, at the WSJDLive event, Tim Cook revealed 6.5 million Apple Music paying subscribers. However, all eyes will be fixed upon iPhone sales, given the mathematical fact that Apple Watch sales and music subscriptions are a drop in Apple's financial bucket when compared to iPhone revenues. China sales are going to be of huge interest to investors, looking to see if Apple can overcome an economic downturn in the region.

Reviewing estimates from both the professional firms and bloggers, it appears iPhone sales should continue to sell at a comfortable rate, but sales are not likely to move Apple's iPhone into a new massive growth story either. It appears that Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Music sales all represent additional slow growth adders to Apple's bottom line. iPad Pro may be the only big hitter during the holiday season to spur financials beyond Apple's forecast or Wall Street expectations. 

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