Dec 1, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
Categories: Apple TV, iOS, Review

Apple_tv_remoteApple’s latest and greatest Apple TV ships with an all-new remote. Its touch control is a small improvement over the previous push button selector. Voice control is a nice addition. Its new layout and controls enabling TV power and volume are also nice features. But the biggest update to Apple TV's remote is its size.

Not once since having Apple TV in my living room have either myself, or my family, lost the diminutive compact remote. The previous remote was the same since the original Apple TV, and caused me countless headaches. It wasn’t that the remote was not well thought out, or didn’t work as advertised — it was fine in terms of functionality. However, the original Apple TV remote was simply too small for adult hands. The anodized aluminum and slim, curved design, was simply not that comfortable to hold. On the other hand the new Apple TV remote feels like what a remote should feel like. 

The couch. Apple’s silver, previous generation remote was determined to hide between every nook and cranny in my couch. Losing the old remote in the couch was an every other day event. Its slightly curved shape made it perfect for sliding off any surface with any sort of slope to it. It was as if Apple engineering carefully studied the curvature of sofa cushions, calculating the average angle, and designed the curvature of the old Apple TV remote to perfectly match for an always-slide-and-hide "feature." There is the remote application for iPhone, but sometimes I want to get away from my devices and just enjoy a show. While the iOS remote app is a solution, should not the remote that came with Apple TV be the primary go-to solution, so long as the user could find it? I clearly had issues with the original remote, but I am not alone with this gripe, this I can assure you.Apple_tv_remotes

Apple’s latest Apple TV remote eliminated the curved body of the previous generation device. There are times I have found it on the couch, on that cushion curve, but it did not slide between the cushions. Rather, it is right there, on the cushion, ready to use! It is amazing how a rather unassuming remote, that doesn't seem all that big of a deal, has made such a huge difference. It is what the Apple TV remote should have always been.

As for the old Apple TV and its remote? That has been relegated to the kids bonus room TV. They have not lost it yet, but it’s only a matter of time. When they do, I will be sure to replace it with the new remote. Where will the other remote have disappeared too? Lost within the couch I’m sure, or hanging out with all those other socks we can’t find.

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