Feb 13, 2015 — by: Mark Reschke
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Sling_tv_apple_tvIf Dish Network believes Sling TV is akin to hitting a home run, they may be right. And while it may not be bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded with the game on the line, it is at least the bottom of the 7th. The problem? Dish Network, standing over the plate, just struck out.

T-GAAP was able to test Sling TV before it launched publicly, and while first impressions were favorable, as a Mac and iOS user, after several days of use the experience fell flat.

Without an App for Apple TV and no ability to Airplay from iOS devices, trying to watch network sports or dramas on my laptop just was not a great experience — especially since I could see my beautiful 50" HDTV in the distance sitting dormant.

Dish Network’s technology priorities are dumbfounding. To eliminate millions of subscribers (myself included) by not having their service usable via Apple TV, which is also the least fragmented platform on the planet, and ignore tens of millions Sling TV streaming set-top boxes is the worst decision Dish Network has made in a decade (okay, purchasing Blockbuster Video wasn’t a boy-genius move either).

Sling TV has bugs — and lots of them, such as networks often going black, kicking into buffer mode. Strangely, each day I used Sling TV the buffer issue seemed to grow worse. The best answer I have is that Dish Network simply cannot keep up with the increased streaming demand due to growing subscriber numbers. This made Sling TV basically useless. The bugs simply became unacceptable. 

A product this important for Dish Network success and survival cannot be rushed through beta testing or a soft launch, yet that is exactly what it appears Dish Network has done. Currently, the experience is next to awful, and while technical glitches will be worked out over time, at this point, it simply is not worth the frustration. Dish not having Apple TV or Airplay ready from the start is also a major show-stopper.

The overall lack of getting Sling TV onto my TV easily, coupled with a host of bugs quickly soured me. As a Mac and iOS user, Sling TV — at this point — is simply not worth $20 a month.

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  1. Donny ~ Feb. 19, 2015 @ 12:43 pm

    So, you mentioned several times that there is no app for Apple TV and you are correct, but you CAN use Airplay. I have used it with my iphone, my macbook air, and my imac - all of those devices streamed with Airplay right through Apple TV. So, in that respect you couldn't be further from the truth in saying that there is no ability to use Airplay. This was available right from the start. I have had zero problems using this method except when I was using my phone and got a call, which led me to use laptop or imac - whichever wasn't being used. The only time I found an issue with an apple product was when using our 2nd gen ipad - the airplay feature did not allow mirroring (which is needed to view it correctly on the tv) #
  2. curtis luckey ~ Sep. 4, 2015 @ 1:21 am

    Sling sucks so much. Bffrng is hrrbl, and channels either buffer (often for minutes), or completely disconnect in the mddl of a program, nvr hd a day w/o an err mssg. Cust srvc is the worst, wll say anything 2 get u off phn (this aftr wait times up 2 30 minutes). Here's the clincher. Somehow their system decided my Nrth Hllywd, ca address was overseas and err mssg "Content not availbl in this area." whn fnlly got rep on line was rude, put me on hld, then pretended 2b suprvsr.when I hungup and cllbck an alleged suprvsr says my application wnt b ready 4 up 2 5 days. Then sz wll refnd this mnth's fee (evn tho they expressly state no refnds ever!!!!) Go on the web. You'll fnd I'm far from the only 1. Do this at yr own risk!!!! #

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