Jun 8, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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WWDC 2015The wait is almost over. In a few short hours Tim & Company will take stage and tell us how well Apple is doing and what great things they have been working on behind closed doors. While the theme of this year’s developer conference is “The epicenter of change” this is one of the least anticipated developers conferences in recent history. We are still reeling from a stumble out of the gate on two very exciting new products — Apple Watch and MacBook — so we don’t foresee any new hardware showing being announced. As for OS X and iOS, expect more bug fixes and stability rather than earth shattering changes or gotta have features.

With all of that said, here are the five things you should NOT expect Apple to announce on Monday morning:

1. New Apple TV: As much of us would like, the next generation of Apple TV continues to be delayed, not because of hardware or software problems, but because of relationship ones. In order for Apple to create à la carte programming or a competitive bundled option, it requires good relationships with several key players, much which is still elusive for Apple at this point. 

2. Updates to MacBook Air: Don’t expect the MacBook Air to get any updates to its keyboard, trackpad or display like its MacBook siblings. The Air is now up in the air as to whether it will see another generation or not. As it stands now, the Air is really a price point to enable Apple to have a sub-$1,000 USD laptop offering. Beyond that the Pro or the new MacBook are much better values and far ahead in technology features.

3. Killer, Must-Have New iOS & OS X Features: Instead of full blown preview demos of each OS, these will be a very short part of the keynote as most of the operating system updates are going to be bug fixes and refinements to the current versions.

4. Jony Ives taking the stage: During his illustrious career at Apple, Ives is one of the few top executives at Apple who has been able to escape stage right from ever taking the remote during an Apple Keynote. While Jony has appeared in videos, do not expect Ive’s streak of non-keynote appearances to be broken at this year’s WWDC keynote.

5. A Preview of Apple Car: While many of us would love to see this, and developers would eat it up, do not expect Tim or Phil to drive on stage with a prototype Apple Car. This project is likely to remain top secret until governments must get involved for testing and approval. Although cool, an Apple Car preview will not happen for another two to three years. One wonders will we see a next generation Apple TV or an Apple Car first? I’m sure you can place a bet on that very question in Vegas somewhere.

So what will this show be about? Rumors all point to Apple’s new streaming music service. While ho-hum to the over 40 crowd, this could be a big deal for millennials who consume music like the air they breathe. Music for those in their teens through 30's is sometimes as important as whether they eat or sleep. It helps define who they are, what is important, what clique they belong to, etc. Music is über important (a little millennial pun there), and Apple has fallen far behind in the streaming game. We will see if their purchase of Beats was worth the billions of dollars spent, and whether Apple can get jiggy with the kids again as it was when it first introduced the iPod and iTunes.

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