Jul 23, 2015 — by: E. Werner Reschke
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Apple Watch - White wristbandLast September, during an Apple special event, Tim Cook finally showed off what engineers at Apple had secretly been working on for years — Apple Watch. It was simply amazing. The watch’s hardware was impressive as was an entirely new OS that took touch and tech to a new level. In the aftermath, many eagerly anticipated saving enough money to be the first on their block to own and wear one. Then the worst product launch in Apple’s recent history occurred.

Unfortunately, all the launch excitement for Apple Watch was sucked out the room when all of Apple's inventory had been purchased online in less than an hour. It would be another six-eight weeks before one could walk out of an Apple retail store with an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is not doing as well as it should be. How do I know? Ask yourself — how many people have you seen wearing one? If you are like most people the answer is going to be none or perhaps one. Apple Watch will take time to catch on. Thus far, Apple has produced a meager advertising campaign for the device, almost sheepishly embarrassed to talk about it outside of particular pro-Apple circles. It is as if everyone at Apple is waiting for Apple Watch 2.0 before making a big splash into the market. Likewise the market also seems to be doing the same — waiting for Apple Watch 2.0 to be the cool thing to be seen with, or to solve a real problem.

While Apple gets its ducks in a row with Apple Watch, Apple TV could be the real big surprise of 2015. Apple TV is poised, with HomeKit, to make a big splash this fall. More than a device for watching video content, Apple TV could become the hub of your home helping manage a myriad of household tasks, from room temperatures, to lighting to alarm systems. If Apple decides to throw gaming into Apple TV, watch out.

Historically, Apple does not release new features without really thinking them through, and Apple TV is likely to follow the same careful scrutiny. HomeKit or gaming will not be thrown into Apple TV unless both solutions are truly compelling and differentiate the device from other set-top box solutions.

We have written several articles recently as to what Apple needs to do in order to make Apple TV a true success:

Apple TV could be a very big product, even eclipsing the iPad, if Apple were to take the proper steps to address the market head on and use its genius and ingenuity to leap frog the competition.

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